Company Mission

The ILEAD Company is a limited liability company that empowers leaders to W.I.N. from the Inside Out, growing their influence, impact and income. ILEAD partners with small businesses, universities, associations and faith-based groups to build winning leaders.

Company Vision At-A-Glance

The ILEAD Company will help entrepreneurial-minded women between ages 25 and 60 who are struggling with low influence, lack of revenue, and a strong desire to impact lives to GROW their leadership ability. As they grow their leadership ability, they will their influence, impact and income, so that at the the end of their life’s journey, they can say ” iW.I.N.”

Our Values:

We value the following traits, which are embedded within the products we create, events we host and services we provide:


Education is needed for growth. We educate leaders on how to lead well in their homes, corporate setting and as entrepreneurs.


We believe in servant leadership. We empower leaders with the strategies and tools to serve in various settings within their specific industries. We will put the needs of the client first, unless the action conflicts with any of the other values mentioned here.


Communication is an ingredient necessary to ensure balance maintained and their is a steady flow from the top of an organization to those we serve.


Leaders are encouraged to allow their ‘yes’ to be ‘yes.’ Practice what you speak and teach others.


We maintain strong faith in the quality of services provided and products sold. We believe that God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit gives great ideas and gives us the power to get wealth. 

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